Aerial Video and Photography

Aerial Video and Photography

Attract more buyers and close more deals by showcasing your property with the most breathtaking HD video footage and photography. We’ve partnered with Offshore Aviation to deliver an aerial solution unmatched by any real estate vendor in the country.

Drone Photography and Video that Provide Full Perspective

Giving your prospective customers aerial video and photos of your property can allow them to see some awesome features that would you have been hidden. It showcases different perspectives of your property by taking magnificent pictures and videos from the sky. Notably, drone video and photography is not just about capturing images, it involves having world-class tools and knowing how to use them to take outstanding images. Only long-serving real estate photographers can deliver the best drone photography and videos. 3D Best Co has a team of FAA licensed drone operators with a wealth of experience spanning over several years. Here at 3D Best Co, our first-class aerial photography and video services will highlight pools, landscaping, roads, and other major attractions in the neighborhood. Our one-of-a-kind drone photography will give your prospective clients more reasons to choose your properties. We will ensure that all hands are on deck to make your properties stand out and increase its engagement. AERIAL VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY

World-class Tools That Deliver the Best and Safest Results

In our quest to satisfy your needs for drone photography and video, we have invested heavily in some of the best tools in the industry. Our drones, cameras and other equipment give us a competitive edge in delivering the best videos and photos. As a legally authorized company offering aerial photography, we can capture videos in quality that is as powerful as 5.2K ultra-high definition. The minimum quality of photos that you can expect from our real estate certified photographer is 20.2 megapixels. In addition, DJI Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro, and other high-end drones are always at our disposal. While capturing different perspectives of your properties to produce outstanding results, we will never overlook the importance of safety. Therefore, our cautious and courteous real estate photographers will take their time to deliver real estate videos and photos without jeopardizing the safety of your properties. Similarly, our drone photography service has liability insurance, so you are in safe hands when working with us at 3D Best Co. AERIAL VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY

Aerial Photography and Videos for All Properties

Our real estate photography and videos are not limited to residential properties; our licensed photographers can also capture commercial real estate listings irrespective of the size. Just get in touch with us to explain the services you need and our experts will tailor a package that suits your needs and preferences.

Affordable Drone Photos and Videos

Perchance you have already misconceived drone video and photography as a service that is meant for only high-end real estate; you are wrong. 3D Best Co is focused on servicing the needs of all real estate professionals. Hence, we offer affordable services that can fit the budget of anyone who wants to leverage drone photography to market their real estate properties.

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