What is a Virtual Twilight, and how does it work?

What is a Virtual Twilight?

A Virtual Twilight, also known as a Virtual Dusk, is a shot taken during the day that has been digitally manipulated to appear as if it was taken at sunset. Twilight photographs are well-liked for a variety of reasons: they’re cinematic, even magical, but they also tell a tale. A family settles in for the night inside. Could one of your clients one day become that family? Regular onsite Twilights, on the other hand, are difficult to master. Is the weather on your side? Is it possible for the occupants to leave the house for a second time so that photographers can enter and shoot photos? Is there room in the budget for another onsite shoot? Virtual Twilights has the advantage of being able to manipulate all variables. In other words, it doesn’t matter if the sunset that evening isn’t very spectacular or if half the lights inside aren’t working. The virtual image can be modified to look picture-perfect every time as long as there is an excellent daytime snap to utilize as a starting point. Virtual Twilights can also be modified until they’re just right for your listing. We can easily add more pink and purple hues to the sky if you wish. We may also light the fire pit if that is something you desire. We may easily alter with Virtual Twilights till you are satisfied with the final product.

Virtual Twilights: How Effective Are They?

The short answer is yes. Absolutely. According to a Zillow research that examined the click-through rate of a Virtual Twilight photo vs. a daylight photo, Virtual Twilights may be 300 percent more successful than daytime photos. An attention-grabbing photo may make all the difference in an oversaturated market when it comes to advertising. This year during Open Homes, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the popularity of Virtual Twilights. We’ve witnessed a 356 percent rise in the amount of Virtual Twilights bought this year compared to last year. As agents become more comfortable with the product and appreciate the numerous benefits of order fulfillment, we expect this figure to rise throughout the year. At sunset, twilights are a great marketing technique for showcasing a distinctive feature of the house. Virtual Twilights are similar in that they are equally as effective while also eliminating the need to return to the property a second time.

What is the process of making them?

To begin with, photographs are taken throughout the day. These images might be from a pre-marketing shot that just shows the outside, or they could be from a full shoot that includes both the inside and outside of the home. The photographs from the day will be sent to our Creative Team that evening, and your photos will be available by 9:00 a.m. the following morning. We’ll choose photos for you to transform into Virtual Twilights by default. If you’d prefer to choose your own Virtual Twilight photos, please let us know and we’ll make a note to wait for your input rather than choosing for you.If you wish to choose your own photos, please keep in mind that processing will take one extra business day. So, how does the virtual magic take place? The daylight sky is substituted with a photoshopped twilight sky in post-production, and lights are applied to windows, lamp posts, and string lights, among other things. The remainder of the image has been dimmed somewhat to make the lit spots “pop” like they would in a true Twilight shot. If you’re interested in learning more about Virtual Twilights and seeing some samples, visit our services page.

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